The Fox Grape Way

We consider ourselves different from other dental offices because we love working with entire families, from little ones to grandparents. Another difference lies in the fact that we believe communication in the office is key. 

Before we see patients, our entire staff participates in a daily team meeting. We feel this breeds communication within our office and lets everyone discuss what is on the daily schedule. We find these daily meetings help us better prepare for each patient, and helps ensure we all know what needs should be met during all appointments in the day.

You will also see that every staff member (besides Dr. ML) wears an earpiece while in the office. Don’t worry; we are not CIA secret agents. We wear radio headsets in order to talk to each other and have a constant line of communication in case any one of us needs assistance during an appointment. We find it more assuring to talk to one another while still staying with you, rather then leaving the treatment room during your appointment and taking away more time from your schedule. The headsets also help patient flow within the office, so we can ensure your needs are met during the time you have scheduled for us.

If our business hours seem different than most offices, that’s because they are. We see patients from 7am-3pm. Opening earlier in the day allows us to see adults before they have to go to work and kids before they have to be at school. We end the day at 3pm so we can be with our families and not miss out on those important sports games, dance recitals, and school concerts. We love our patients and we love improving the lives of everyone we see, but we also love making sure we are there for our kids during those special moments.