Restorative Treatments


Fillings are used to prevent a cavity from spreading and to restore the function and integrity of a tooth structure. We make our fillings from composite resin, which is a white filling that matches the natural color of your teeth. We will numb the specified area in your mouth, clean out the tooth decay within your cavity, and then clear the space of debris to prep for the filling. Once we have placed the composite resin within your tooth, we will have you complete biting tests on carbon paper to ensure the filling allows you to bite down properly.


A crown is designed to protect and prevent further damage to a tooth that is decayed, weakened, or cracked.  Crowns can be crafted to blend perfectly with your natural teeth. In order to place a crown, we will reshape your damaged tooth so the crown will fit it, and then a mold will be made of the area.  After we create a custom crown in our dental lab, we will secure it in place, helping restore and protect your smile.


A dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth. The bridge not only improves the appearance of your smile, but it also helps protect against structural changes to your mouth and jaw caused by missing teeth. The process is simply done by re-contouring your existing teeth to provide a base for the bridge and taking a mold of the area where the bridge will go. The bridge is created in our dental lab, and then we place the properly-fitted bridge to look and feel as natural as the rest of your teeth.


CEREC is an abbreviation for “Chairside Economical Restoration and Esthetic Ceramics,” and is also sometimes known as ceramic reconstruction. CEREC procedures allow us to restore patients’ teeth in a single sitting (instead of multiple visits) with assisted technologies like 3D photography and design programs specifically created for dentistry. These programs allow us to quickly create fitted crowns, veneers, onlays, or inlays that can be placed in a patient’s mouth the very same day molds and x-rays are taken.


Tooth extraction involves removing a single tooth or multiple teeth from the gums due to problems like being impacted, angular growth, or infection. Wisdom teeth are commonly extracted due to various problems with sizing, growth, and infection. When removing a single tooth or multiple teeth from your mouth, we will provide an anesthetic to ease the process and make your procedure as painless as possible. We will also close the extraction site (if necessary). Please see the information under “bridges” or “full & partial dentures” for further information on replacing extracted teeth.

Root Canal

A root canal is an endodontic procedure that is necessary for a decayed tooth with deterioration affecting the nerve and pulp within the tooth. A successful root canal is performed by cleaning out the nerve and pulp from the decayed tooth to remove any bacteria that has formed, and then a sealant is used to fill the space within the tooth. Many dentists will split the root canal procedure into two separate appointments, and provide you with a temporary filling to protect the inside of your tooth between procedures. However, we have the ability to complete the entire root canal procedure in one sitting, saving you the time and hassle of having to come back for an additional appointment.

Periodontal Treatment & Therapy

Periodontitis is a set of inflammatory diseases that affect the tissues and gums surrounding your teeth, and can lead to the loosening and loss of teeth if left untreated. The goal of periodontal treatment is to clean out the bacteria that cause a disease and prevent it from recurring.  Depending upon the severity of your symptoms, various treatments can be implemented to reverse the effects. The best way to stop the harmful bacteria from growing and maintain good oral health is to make an appointment so we can fully assess your tissues and gums.

Full & Partial Dentures

Dentures are prosthetic devices that can be removed from your mouth and are designed to replace missing teeth. Full dentures are created when all of your natural teeth have been removed.  Partial dentures can be used if some of your natural teeth remain intact (similar to a bridge, but partial dentures are removable). We can extract all teeth necessary to improve the dental health of your mouth and prep you for the use of full or partial dentures. We will take molds of your mouth, create a custom set of dentures based on your molds and aesthetic preferences, and work with you to make sure the dentures fit perfectly for everyday use.